NASP program uses the Genesis Original bow. It must be unmodified. The company website is but it can be purchased many places, including local sports stores. If a bow is purchased with a camo pattern, the front face of the sight window must be covered with a solid color. We can help you do that.

The bow will come with a white, heat-shrink tube for a nock locator. The glue will soften and it will start to slide. We can remove the white locator and tie a string knot for the nock locator that will be more permanent on the bow. Brass nock locators are not allowed.

The arrow used is the Easton 1820. Archers will need 5 of the same color for tournaments but we recommend having a spare.


We recommend a bow case but it is not required. It can be any hard or soft sided case that is at least 40″ inside length.

Shooting gloves, finger tabs and wrist straps are allowed.

Please label all personal equipment, including the arrows, with name and/or initials.